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Alum Membership Guidelines and Eligibility

  1. Alum membership is available only to former ECOA/EOA members who cannot currently qualify for Basic or Sponsoring Partner membership.
  2. Alum applicants must have been a Basic or Sponsoring Partner member for at least one year.
  3. Alum membership is owned by the individual, even if it is paid for by the individual’s employer.
  4. Alum memberships do not count toward volume discounts, even if they are paid for by the employer.
  5. Applicants must agree in writing to honor the membership guidelines.
  6. Like Basic and Sponsoring Partner members, Alum members cannot use the ECOA Member Directory or any other facet of ECOA membership such as the ECOA Connects discussion groups to market consulting services or products or to solicit job-related help.
  7. An Alum member must relinquish Alum membership, with no refund, if employment status changes such that the Alum member now qualifies for Basic or Sponsoring Partner membership.  The individual must notify the ECOA within 60 days after the new employment start-date in an ethics and compliance role.

Alum Membership Benefits and Services Include:

  • Access to ECOA Connects, our online Member Networking and Resource Center, which includes thousands of pages of ethics and compliance resources in an e-Resource Library and Ethicspedia.
  • Access to the ECOA Member Directory and a customizable member-profile page.
  • Access to the JobLinks job board.
  • Access to the vendor directory.
  • Daily and weekly editions of the ECOA’s ethics and compliance news and blogs for specific ethics and compliance issues and topics.
  • Discounts to ECOA events, conferences, and professional education courses.
  • Access to member-only webcasts.
  • Discounts on purchases of ECOA products.


Alum membership annual dues:
Contributing Alum – $950/year
(A former ECOA member who is now a professional services provider, consultant, or vendor)
Participating Alum - $100/year
(A former ECOA member who is now either a fully-retired individual, job-seeker, or an employed individual who is working in a non-ethics and compliance position)


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