The Ethics & Compliance Association (ECA) is a community that promotes learning through the exchange of ideas and the sharing of best practice in ethics and compliance programs. The Association connects global practitioners, thought-leaders, academicians and partners. The Ethics & Compliance Association is part of the Ethics & Compliance Initiative.

The new Ethics & Compliance Association (ECA) continues to provide the many valuable benefits of the ECOA, but now, as part of the Ethics & Compliance Initiative -- which also includes the Ethics Research Center and Ethics & Compliance Certification Institute – we are taking membership to a level unequaled in the E&C industry.

Organizational Members get new benefits to help practitioners enhance their internal ethics and compliance programs.  Benefits include new insights from NBES® Reports; use of the Ethics Research Center's Short Survey ™ designed to measure program impact, and participation in the exchange of ideas with experts and peers through Best Practice and Industry Groups.  This level includes membership for five (5) practitioners and discounts for all members over five.
Individual Members also get the benefit of new insights through research and the opportunity to participate in Best Practice and Industry Groups; all at a lower dues amount.

Click here if you are a practitioner and would like to read more about the benefits for Organizational and Individual Members.

And for the first time ever, the ECA has created a new Partner program designed for organizations and individuals who advise or provide support to internal ethics and compliance programs.  Anyone with a professional or personal interest in ethics and compliance can now become involved with the ECI as a Partner.

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ECI is the only organization in the ethics and compliance industry that engages practitioners and partners in a best practice community grounded in research.  Together, we are leading the movement for responsible organizations worldwide.

Whether you're a current Organizational or Individual Member, a past member looking to rejoin, or a partner considering the many benefits of the Initiative, please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions at Farah@ethics.org.



The ECOA is a non-profit, 501(c)(6) association that derives all of its revenue from members' dues, conferences and other meeting fees.




















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