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Going Beyond Regulations: How a Japanese Utilities Expert Prevented Disaster

Why did the nuclear power plant in Onagawa, Japan — closer to the epicenter of the devastating March 2011 earthquake — withstand the tsunami, while Fukushima Dai-ichi did not? This article from The Oregonian examines the beliefs and actions of three generations of Japanese utility experts who defied convention to prevail in ethics, ultimately saving an entire fishing town.


From the FCPA blog: "Compliance Officers Can Only Succeed Together"

Keith Darcy describes the pressure to conform and keep quiet in corporate life, but reminds compliance officers of the risks of doing just that. This article calls for the courage to stand up and speak out, supporting and encouraging each other in a difficult role.

Alstom Article Explores Ethical Progress Made by Companies and Countries

In Alstom's Activity and Sustainable Development Report 2012/13, Keith Darcy and Jean-Daniel Lainé are interviewed in the article "Making Ethics a Priority." Click here to download the report.



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