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Harassment In The Workplace: Tips For Compliance And Ethics Practitioners

The role of compliance and ethics will have a lot of anti-harassment values. Harassment is not a new issue but will have a whole impact in a powerful manner that you have taken thing into consideration. Harassment in work culture can be very harmful and can cause a lot of disturbances in the working of how it can impact the culture and break trust. Here are some tips which an organisation can use for compliance and ethics practitioners.

Training will not shift behaviour

This is one of the best things one can do as just addressing the issue will not shift behaviour. With increased regulatory requirements compliance training can reach an all-time high. There are many organisations in the world which has a lot of training involving any kind of sexual misconduct. Try to make sure that you have an effective strategy which can indicate effective anti-sexual harassment behaviour, which can involve a lot of target training and will allow the right engagement with the leaders.

Lead with values

Lead Values

Harassment prevention training needs to be introduced in the employees to understand the company’s attitude towards sexual misconduct. It is important that you understand the steps that need to be taken to help ensure that one is taking care of the company’s values. There is an ethical standard that needs to lay to make sure one understands the importance.

Be accessible

This is one of the main reasons that sexual misconduct can go unnoticed or may reach new heights. It is important that one understands the value of how sexual misconduct can demotivate certain individuals. Being accessible ensure that all the indecent behaviours are taken note for and have a strict action taken to ensure that the right action is taken.

Align core messages with corporate values

It is important that you, as a corporate, require a lot of attention towards a lot of different things which can allow you to bring out the right work culture. Making sure that your corporate values match with the core message can lead you to have an effective work environment. This is one way to ensure that any misconduct does not appear in you work environment that can harm your corporate values or the core message that you have to bring out.

Embed dialogues into existing meetings

Embedding dialogues into existing meetings can be the reason for your any misconduct being reported. Try to bring in topics which will get everyone involved and talking about the things happening around them. These meetings are some of the best ways to get them to speak, allowing you to be accessible and available to hear the part of any similar incident

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